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Ed Smith

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Mr and Mrs Smith_finalEd grew up on a dairy farm in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. He trusted in Jesus Christ as his only God and Savior at age ten. It was not until his college years, however, that he learned how to study the Bible and help others in their spiritual journey. As a result of this opportunity, Ed aspired to a cross-cultural ministry in the university while using his academic preparation in environmental engineering. After obtaining the PhD at the University of Michigan, Ed devoted twenty-five years in this calling along with his wife, Laurie, including the last fifteen years in Cairo, Egypt. When the older of their five children moved to the U.S. to begin university studies, Ed and Laurie began praying about moving back to the U.S. to be nearer them and to invest themselves fully in the church versus Ed giving so much of his time to engineering academics. In Summer 2013, Rockwall Bible Church called Ed to serve as senior pastor. “It’s been a privilege to minister among believers who have a genuine desire to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ as well as serve Him.”  Ed is committed to expository preaching of the Scriptures.  He has a particular burden for making disciples, beginning in the home; to enable men via motivating and equipping them to disciple their wives and children.  Ed and Laurie are the parents of five children: Jonathan (married to Hannah), Samuel (married to Lydia), Maryellen, Elisha, and Martha.  They feel very at home in Texas where they first came 25 years ago for Ed to complete a degree at Dallas Theological Seminary.  His spiritual gifts are teaching and exhortation.  Ed also likes to laugh, sing, read, spend time with his bride and children, and discuss history, theology, ministry, Egypt, and current events.


Keith Neds

Associate Pastor/Elder
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Keith was born and raised in central Ohio. His parents accepted Christ after they were married and began attending a Bible Church. Keith made a profession of faith in Christ at six years of age through the ministry of that church and his mother. He graduated from Bob Jones University with a music education major and a math minor. God clearly got Keith’s attention around the time of his graduation as the “security” in his own abilities and relationships came crashing down. God used Hebrews 11:6 to show Keith how he had not pleased God, and by God’s grace alone, Keith repented and followed Christ.  He subsequently met his sweet wife, Joy, on a mission trip to Utah; then worked for nineteen years for the Huntington National Bank in Columbus, Ohio while he served at Berean Bible Church in the areas of music and leadership.

Seeing our society push God and His Word further and further away, Keith began sensing the need to spend more time giving out the “Good News” of Jesus Christ. A part-time assistant pastor position opened up at Rockwall Bible Church in Rockwall, Texas, and after much fervent prayer, Keith and Joy moved there in 2004. Keith serves in the areas of music, outreach, and education. He uses art with “Chalk-Talks” and calligraphy to spread God’s Word. He works at Hobby Lobby and other part-time jobs to meet the needs of his family. The Lord has richly blessed Keith and Joy with thirteen children: Benjamin (married to Hailey), Rebekah (married to Pablo with grandson Caleb), Hannah (married to Jonathan), Lydia (married to Samuel), Seth, Esther, Rachel, Julia, Daniel, Faith, David, Joshua, and Karis.  Keith loves spending time with his wife and children. He is also involved in helping keep God’s Word before people’s eyes through the ministry of “Calligraphy for Christ”. Other Scriptures the Lord has used to impact Keith are II Corinthians 9:8, Joshua 1:8,9, John 12:24,25, Philippians 1:6, and Psalm 16:11.


Lee Crawford

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Lee trusted in Jesus Christ for salvation at age 12. He is from Louisiana and graduated from the LSU Dental School. Lee’s first dental practice was in Slidell, Louisiana where he met his wife Tracie. He was hired to another practice in Temple, Texas before moving to Paris, Texas in 1999 where he was able to purchase a dental practice for the first time. At each of these stops, Lee served as an elder and/or deacon in a local church. God led them to RBC in 2011 where they have been members since 2014. Lee and Tracie are very committed to their six children: Maddie, Jonathan, Lizzie, Bella, Louisa, and Katie. They are also committed to home schooling and to serving and meeting needs in the body of Christ. Lee has the gift of exhortation, and he and other members of the family have displayed teaching gifts in their work with our children and young people. They are an example of ministering as a family as they have produced a major Christian film, conducted regular evangelistic outreaches in Paris, and participated in similar outreaches at RBC including Vacation Bible School and the 4th of July parade. They are also gifted in hospitality, having hosted major church getaways at their home-ranch in Blossom.

Don Criswell


Don and Joan have been very active members at RBC since 1999. Don served previously as a Deacon for nine years (2001-2010) with partially overlapping duties as Treasurer from 2007-2013. In recent years, Don has been one of the main teachers in the Adult Sunday School Class. In addition to his teaching gift and love for reading and study, Don has administrative gifts that God has enabled him to hone in the business world over many years. During his previous stint as an RBC deacon, he was responsible for executing many projects related to the physical plant, and derives considerable enjoyment from serving in this way.

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